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Retros modified is made by the community, for the community. We want to hear about your builds and articles that you find intresting and relevant to our magazine, it may be some rare wheel history or a really small rare part that you can’t find anywhere so had to custom make, or maybe you want more people to know about Group 5 racing.

We love getting all content from you guys but we made a submission guide to give you a higher chance to get published.

The Writing Stuff

  • When writing your article try to be as clear as possible. short simple sentences work wonders.
  • Include an introduction that explains what you are writing about and why. It should wecome the reader and draw readers in who may not be as familiar with the topic.
  • Include a conclusion if you can! a satisfying ending is always welcomed.
  • Include captions for every picture you submit! this should be on a separate document with the image name before the caption. Isaacs the only editor at this time! make his life easier!
  • Try keep essays and build threads to 1000 words or less, you’d be surprised how much room 1000 words can take up. If you’re submitting an article over 2000 words it is less likely to be published.

The Images

  • Having high quality images gives you more chance of being published: JPEG, TIFF or PNG are accepted.
  • Be creative! we love showcasing new styles of car photography, we love grainy film, 2000s point and shoot vibes or even gameboy camera pics but don’t forget the main focus should be retro cars!
  • Fortunately, for those who are not professional photographers, Speed Hunters have some amazing articles on how to shoot cars and can be found here.

Please compress all files to a single .ZIP file and rename it as your full name for upload, this makes sure nothing gets lost! Check out how to compress a file here.

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